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Ted McCormick, a home organizer in Albany, New York, must deal with a demanding client who is convinced his eccentric father died leaving something of great value hidden in his cluttered and mysterious Victorian mansion. What—or who—is in the house to prevent Ted from finding it?

A happily married man, Ted struggles to resist the charm and flirtations of another client, a single mother in need of a decent man. Her jealous ex-husband threatens him and his wife grows suspicious, but events keep bringing her back into his life. Will passion overpower his principles?

Ted uncovers secrets that lead to two discoveries—one that captivates the city and draws national attention, and one that determines his fate.

Why Do Some Men and Women Cheat? What does it take to make a marriage strong?

Cuss Control

Cuss ControlThree Rivers Press, April 2000; iUniverse, 2006

A self-help book on how to stop or reduce your swearing? Yes, and much more. It became a media sensation and continues to be referenced years after its publication.

Cursing is part of our language and it’s never going away, but this light-hearted and thought-provoking book convinces us that we could present a better image and be more pleasant if we at least reduced our use of profanity and the negative attitude that often accompanies it.

CUSS CONTROL, written with a humorous flair, reviews the history of swearing, addresses the issue of whether we overdo it, defines when it’s harmless and when it’s hurtful, and points out how it’s dumbing down the way we communicate. The F-word and S-word each merit their own chapter, and anecdotes and quotes appear throughout. The book is packed with practical exercises, tips and alternatives.

Website: www.cusscontrol.com



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