Praise for James V. O'Connor's Books

Another Man’s Treasure

Another Man's Treasure

Another Man's Treasure is a delightful, engaging, fast-paced read laced with great characters and a fascinating plot. James O'Connor has crafted a treasure of a novel!”
—Kris Radish, best-selling author of Hearts on a String and seven other novels. Kris is a former journalist, nationally syndicated columnist, magazine writer and university instructor

“In Another Man's Treasure, I found myself caught up in the story of ordinary people in ordinary marriages who seem very real as they navigate the complexities of life and love. You'll find yourself rooting for characters and thinking about them long after you've finished reading.”
Erica Orloff, author of Freudian Slip and 20 other novels

 “O’Connor weaves together two diverse plots in a way that keeps you reading, eager to discover the connection and the outcome. You need to read this book.”
John DeDakis, senior copy editor for CNN’s "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer" and author of the suspense novels Fast Track and Bluff

"Real-life characters with intriguing secrets, an engaging plot that grabs you from the first chapter, and the possibility of hidden treasure—who could ask for anything more? A terrific read, with characters I can care about. I loved this novel!"
Randye Kaye, actress and author of Ben Behind His Voices: One family’s journey from the chaos of schizophrenia to hope

Another Man’s Treasure kept me turning the pages to find out if Ted McCormick discovered the alleged treasure and how he resolved his romantic entanglement. The surprise ending was worth the wait!”
Patricia Starr, concert pianist, Mrs. Senior California, and author of Angel on My Handlebars

“What a terrific read!  O’Connor nailed it with Another Man’s Treasure. The reader is totally absorbed from the get-go, wondering what might be in the old Smith mansion and feeling the sexual tension between Ted and one of his clients. You can’t put this book down.”
Glen Sondag, author of Anything Other Than Naked: A guide for men on how to dress properly for every occasion

“O’Connor’s Another Man’s Treasure quickly and quietly captures you and then carries you into a non-stop crescendo of mystery and intrigue.”
Michal McClure, photographer and author of Hawaiian Cowboys

"The undercurrent of this entertaining and fun story carries messages about relationships. Almost every character has an issue with a spouse or parent. O'Connor subtly conveys their failure to candidly share their thoughts, feelings, concerns and needs. For some, the consequences are devastating."
Nancy Voorhees, literary consultant

Another Man's Treasure is full of intrigue, flirtation, passion, and humor. It's a wonderfully entertaining tale from a first-rate storyteller.”
James Campbell, award-winning author of The Final Frontiersman and The Ghost Mountain Boys

“This captivating novel is spotted with humor while its characters struggle between righteousness and temptation, loyalty and betrayal, generosity and greed.  It leaves you with many issues to ponder.”
Nita Belles is the Central Oregon Regional Coordinator for Oregonians against Trafficking Humans and author of In Our Backyard: A Christian Perspective on Human Trafficking in the United States

“As an FBI agent for 30 years, I found it refreshing to read a violence-free book that still captivated me with mystery and suspense, conflict and tension—all nicely balanced with romance and humor. Another Man’s Treasure has more than a little something for everyone.”
Jack Owens, author of Don’t Shoot! We’re Republicans!  Memoirs of the FBI agent who did things his way

“James O’Connor’s debut novel is destined for the best seller lists! Engaging from the first chapter, the characters are real and the plot irresistible. Make sure you have plenty of time when you crack it open. You will not be able to put it down!”
Gary Moore, award-winning author of Hey Buddy: In Pursuit of Buddy Holly, My New Buddy John, and My Lost Decade of Music, and Playing with the Enemy: A Baseball Prodigy, World War II, and the Long Journey Home, soon to be a major motion picture

“The intangible actions and feelings we live with every day and take for granted are dissected and put back together in this interesting tale of ordinary people."
Julian Smith, winner of the American Society of Journalists and Authors award for biography and memoir, Crossing the Heart of Africa: An Odyssey of Love and Adventure

Another Man’s Treasure convincingly relates how emotions deeper than passion can challenge and threaten even the most loyal and steadfast heart. As a mountain climber, I have seen the world from a unique perspective, but at times I enjoy curling up and relaxing with a good novel. Mr. O’Connor’s book worked when I just wanted a good read.”
Suzanne Nance, the only woman who has climbed the seven tallest mountains in the world

"Jim O'Connor's Another Man's Treasure is a small piece of the great American literary dream. Just about everyone wants to write a book, but O'Connor has done so. Another Man’s Treasure should be required reading for anyone who has struggled with the blank page, the myriad ghosts of literature past, and the cluttered spaces of modern living."
Davis Schneiderman, chair of the English Department, Lake Forest College, and author of DRAIN and BLANK

Having wandered the wild Atlantic, the lonely jungles of New Guinea, and the haunted treasure grounds of the Caribbean, I was drawn to O'Connor's portrayal of people wandering in the uncharted landscape of the soul.”
George Houde, Chicago-based journalist and documentary producer

"Another Man's Treasure offers a cast of characters that, like most of us, are at once ordinary and eccentric, simple and complex, decent and deeply flawed. We are lured immediately into their web of ambiguity. James V. O'Connor is one of those fine storytellers who makes fiction seem more real than life.”
Judith Valente, PBS-TV correspondent and co-editor of Twenty Poems to Nourish Your Soul and author of the poetry collection Discovering Moons

Cuss Control

Cuss Control

“I swear, and it’s the one thing that I really don’t like about myself. In a recent survey, 89 percent of the people said swearing is an issue with them. Jim O’Connor teaches people how to stop swearing. I agree that swearing is terrible, and I’m going to quit.”
—Oprah Winfrey, the Oprah Winfrey Show

In Cuss Control, James V. O’Connor writes that at the rate we are going, swearing will be so common that it will be about as much fun as a nudist camp. Like institutionalized nudity, swearing is losing its mystery, its power to shock. It is so ubiquitous that it’s boring, and that’s a shame, because cursing has its uses.
—Boston Globe

“For those needing to break the expletive habit, James O’Connor has a kind of bleepers anonymous. He advises that cursing ruins your image.”
—New York Times

“It’s not just the words, it’s the attitude behind the words,” says Jim O’Connor. “We just keep getting more hostile, more aggressive, more abrasive and more belligerent.” He says most people don’t realize they could be damaging their relationships and influencing the way other people perceive them.”
—Los Angeles Times

“While Mr. O’Connor insists that he is not trying to eliminate all swearing, he would like to see a conscious effort made to curtail it. His book describes how the bad language that swearers assume is accepted is really only tolerated."
—Washington Times:

“O’Connor is a nice man. He used to curse himself until he thought about it. He argues that all the unleashed cuss words are chipping away at our civility.”
—Washington Post

O’Connor’s book is a humorous but effective guide to controlling one’s use of foul language. Replacement words are just Band-Aids, he writes. If you swear, try to determine why you feel the need to let filth fly.”
—Investor’s Business Daily

“It might be tempting to dismiss O’Connor as a crusader. But he comes across as rational, down to Earth, and possessing an easy sense of humor.”
—Hartford Courant

“O’Connor is not likely to achieve a truly swearless society, but he says anything would be an improvement. He says the whole issue has to do with civility."

“O’Connor says that parents who came of age in the ‘60’s and ‘70s decided to do what they wanted to do and say what they wanted to say. So today our children are swearing more and swearing younger.”
—Time Magazine

“Parents can’t expect their kids to stop swearing unless they do, too, says James V. O’Connor, author of Cuss Control. Kids will imitate not only your language, but also the bad attitude it conveys.”

“It’s easy to think positively about O’Connor. He’s funny and he’s touched a nerve with a lot of people. And it all makes sense, doesn’t it? Who can argue with a plea for a return to civility?”
—The Reader’s Digest

“James O’Connor is a man whose time has definitely arrived. He considers swearing a bad habit that anyone can, and should, break, like smoking.”
—House and Garden

“Obscenities have become a verbal crutch, and swearing is almost always a negative,” says James O’Connor, the anti-cussing crusader and author. He says profanity is lazy language that reveals more about the swearer than the subject of the cursing.”
—USA Today

“Mr. O’Connor preaches the curse-less gospel to everyone from tax accountants to juvenile delinquents. People are surprisingly receptive. Even high-schoolers have given him standing ovations.”
—The Christian Science Monitor

“Mr. O’Connor is not out to eliminate swearing. He simply advocates more controlled public behavior.”
—Crain’s Chicago Business

“Women are swearing in public, kids are swearing more in school, they are saying worse swear words than ever before, and they are swearing earlier than they ever have. Most parents have fought and lost the battle that Jim O’Connor is taking on.”
—CBS Evening News

“Just in case you someday have to move back in with your parents, you may want to call James V. O’Connor. We at Maxim agree that casual swearing is bad, mainly because the overuse of swear words blunts the impact when you really want to let loose.”
—Maxim Magazine

“Our society is conditioned for instant gratification, perfection. O’Connor says that if we don’t get perfection, if something breaks or doesn’t go our way, we complain, whine, and swear about it. He says employers want workers who are upbeat, can deal with daily aggravations, and confront problems with an I-can-fix-it attitude.”
—Smart Workplace Practices

“Jim O’Connor acknowledges that swearing can help vent anger or be used for comedic effect, but its overuse becomes tiresome. He says chronic cursers might be intelligent and possess noble traits, but their rough language can mask their positive attributes.”
—San Bernardino Country Sun

“The best reason to stop swearing,” says Jim O’Connor “is to raise other people’s opinion of you. Others might not say anything when you swear, but they are judging your personality and attitude.”
—Knight Ridder News Service

“Cursing is so pervasive it has lost its shock value – so why do people still do it? It’s extremely lazy language,” says James O’Connor. He adds that “We’re complaining because we are very impatient and intolerant. We allow ourselves to be frustrated over every little thing.”
—Biography Magazine

“James O’Connor says the goal is not to become a person who doesn’t swear, but a person who doesn’t need to swear.”
—The Arizona Republic




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